Liberty Hill K-12 STEM Initiative

Charleston County School District is thankful to be one of the community partners supporting the “Transformation: Liberty Hill” project.

CCSD joins Boeing SC, Coastal Community Foundation, and the Charity Foundation in this effort to cultivate a community of multi-generational and economically stable individuals and families in and around the historic Liberty Hill region of North Charleston.

The Post and Courier published this story on the partnership:

Students from North Charleston Elementary School, Morningside Middle School, and North Charleston High School will be empowered with STEM focused educational opportunities thanks to this partnership.

Two new members of the CTE support team have been added and a third person will be hired soon to connect students with career exploration opportunities:

The STEM Coordinator and the STEM Engagement Specialist work with these North Charleston schools to provide learning pathways to build awareness, interest, and academic preparedness for opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Specifically, the STEM Coordinator is focused on:

  1. Curriculum Development in STEM.
  2. Provide strategies for improving teacher effectiveness related to STEM.
  3. Creating and facilitating collaborative learning communities and support structures for excellence in STEM.
  4. Assist with developing and implementing assessment tools that measure the effectiveness of STEM programs.
  5. Facilitate student participation in national and local STEM organizations and competitions.

And the STEM Engagement Specialist is focused on:

  1. STEM enrichment opportunities to support/align with curriculum.
  2. Opportunities to help students connect with real world workplace skills through Job Shadowing, Internships, Structured Field Studies, and Career Fairs.
  3. STEM mentors, Speakers.
  4. High quality summer programs that build interest and aptitude for STEM learning.
  5. Engage families and the community in opportunities to increase awareness and interest in STEM careers.


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